Wobbly Tooth

Wobbly Tooth

Anything's better than a visit to the dentist!


  • Nice illustrations


  • Interface problems
  • Some parts untranslated

Not bad

Wobbly Tooth is an app that tells the story of a little boy who's impatiently waiting for his wobbly tooth to fall out.

Wobbly Tooth is a sweet story that's firmly aimed at little kids. You click or swipe through the pages, listening to the little boy, tell you what's going on in his quest to get rid of a wobbly tooth, without going to the dreaded Dr. Payne. At the end, there's a little jigsaw puzzle for your child to put together.

Unfortunately, Wobbly Tooth isn't optimized for English, or for use on a non-touchscreen device. Some of the pages didn't swipe, there were audio overlap problems, the jigsaw didn't fit on the screen and some of the translations were still in their original German.

Although a nice idea for a children's story, Wobbly Tooth doesn't make the grade.

Wobbly Tooth


Wobbly Tooth

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